Water Sports to Try this Summer

Two people on a lake in a kayak with a paddle

Water sports are a fun way to enjoy a hot summer day, and there is something for everyone. Whether you are a thrill-seeker or prefer to do something that is a little less adrenaline-rushing, water spots provide the opportunity for anyone to have a great time. 

Here are some water sports you could try this summer to make some new memories and maybe even pick up a new hobby.


First, we have the most common water sport of all, swimming! If you’ve never tried swimming before then why not make this summer your chance to learn? Swimming is not only a fun and relaxing way to spend the day, but it provides an amazing workout. Swimming works almost every muscle in your body. A summer of swimming might just get you the toned legs you always wanted. 

There are so many places you can go swimming, lakes, beaches, pools, etc. You might even be interested in renting a boat for a day of swimming.


Kayaking is a fun way to introduce yourself to a new water sport. The thing with kayaking is you can make it relaxing or exhilarating depending on where you decide to kayak. Kayaking on a calm lake with be a nice, relaxing experience while kayaking white water kayaking will be sure to provide some adrenaline.

Kayaking is will also provide you with a workout whether you’re on a calm lake or white waters. In order to move your kayak, you use a lot of arm and core strength. 

You can rent a single or double kayak from Island Time Boat Rentals for as little as $75/day.


Paddleboarding is a watersport where you are standing on a large floating board and you paddle to navigate around. It may sound difficult, but it’s a very peaceful and enjoyable way to spend an afternoon once you get the hang of balancing.

You can rent a paddleboard from Island Time Boat Rentals for as little as $50/day.


Waterskiing is one of the most popular water sports out there. Waterskiing is when a person is on a pair of skis and is being towed at a high speed by a watercraft. Learning to waterski definitely takes a bit of coordination, but the learning part is a fun time in itself, and once you nail it, you can even start learning how to do tricks.

Island Time Boat Rentals has adult and kid waterskis available for rent for as little as $50/day.


Seadooing is a very fun and exciting water sport that you can make your own experience once again. You could go for a calm, slower-paced ride on a Seadoo, or you could pick up the pace to make it more exciting. Though seadoos operate with an engine, they still require some skill and coordination to make sure you are operating them safely. They have a lot of power and can reach high speeds, so it’s definitely a watercraft you want to learn how to use correctly.

You can rent a seadoo from Island Time Boat rentals for as little as $300/day.

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