What To Know Before Renting A Seadoo

People on a seadoo in the lake

Seadoos are a fun way to experience lakes on Manitoulin Island. Whether you just want to go on a lovely cruise or you’re a thrill-seeker, renting a seadoo can make for a great time. However, before renting a seadoo, you should know some important things to be prepared for and to stay safe. Read the rest of this article to learn more.

Wear A Life Jacket

When operating or being a passenger on a seadoo, everyone must wear a life jacket for their own safety. Each person’s life jacket should fit properly and be approved by Transports Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, or the Canadian Coast guard. There should be a tag inside the life jackets that will tell you if the life jacket is approved. 

Life jackets are essential for both good and bad swimmers because you never know what the situation in the water may end up being. In order for everyone to have a great time while seadooing, you must put safety first.

Know The Area And Your Surroundings

Whenever you go out on a seadoo, make sure you know what is happening around you. Seadoos move fast, and if there are also other seadoos or boats out on the water, you want to make sure that you won’t get dangerously close to each other or interrupt each other. You also don’t want to get too close to any areas in the water where it may be more difficult to control the seadoo or where you could damage the seadoo. 

If the seadoo will be pulling a tube, it is hard for the driver themselves to make sure everything is going okay on the back end, so it’s a good idea to have a passenger who will be a spotter so they can notify the driver of any issues.

Bring The Right Equipment

It’s important to be prepared for anything that could possibly happen while you are out of a seadoo. Most seadoos have a glove compartment or even larger storage area where you’ll be able to keep the items that you might need. 

Some items that it’s essential to keep with you on the seadoo are things like a first aid kit, a whistle or other alarming device, water to stay hydrated while out, sunscreen to protect yourself from the beaming sun, and an anchor.

Know How To Operate The Seadoo

Whoever will be driving the seadoo should have a driver’s license and be of age, but also some things are unique to seadoos compared to other vehicles. 

One important thing to know about driving a seadoo is that they do not have brakes. Instead, they have a start and stop button and throttles. So get used to where these buttons and throttles are on the seadoo you are operating before taking it out in the water. 

If you are going out on seadoos with others, avoid following directly behind them. The other drivers could stop their seadoos abruptly and not give you enough time to stop or move out of the path, leading to a harmful accident.

Rent a Seadoo From Island Time Boat Rentals 

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