Why Renting a Pontoon Boat Is Worth It

Family with a pontoon boat on lake shore

Have you ever just wanted to have a day where you could relax and have a good time with a group of your favourite people on a lake in Manitoulin Island, Ontario? Did you know you could do exactly that by renting a pontoon boat from Island Time Boat rentals, such as the Legend 21 Cruise Pontoon Boat or the Vibe D19 Deck Boat? Check out the rest of this article to see how easy it is to rent a boat on Manitoulin Island and why renting a pontoon boat is totally worth it.

Simple, Luxury Boating on a Pontoon Boat

Pontoon boats are known for being pretty simple to use and easy to clean up after a boat outing. Despite being easy to use, a pontoon boat can also give you that luxury feeling while you are out on a lake with your group. Many people like to use pontoon boats to have small day parties to enjoy the lake on a hot summer day. Many pontoon boats come equipped with AM and FM radio, bluetooth, GPS fish and depth finders, and even changing rooms! 

Pontoon Boats Can Be Used For Waterskiing

Pontoon boats actually have enough power to be able to tow waterskis. A boat needs to drive at about 26 to 41 kpm in order to be able to lift a waterskier out of the water. Pontoon boats are able to reach those speeds for a fun day waterskiing. 

Did you know that at Island Time Boat Rentals you can also rent both adult and kids water skis to go along with your pontoon boat rental?

Rent a Pontoon Boat and Save Money!

The idea of owning a pontoon boat might sound great, but there’s a lot you need to consider if you were to buy own of your own. You’d have to think about the upfront cost, financing options, maintenance cost, and where are you going to keep it. You’d need to also think about will all those costs end up being worth it if you will only use the pontoon boat once in a while? 

If you will only be using a pontoon boat a couple of times of the year then you might as well save yourself a lot of money and just rent a pontoon boat. This lessens a lot of stress and responsibility. At Island Time Boat Rentals, you can rent a pontoon boat for as little as $450/day. Renting will also give you a chance to test out a pontoon boat before deciding to buy one.

Make Amazing Memories with the People You Love

Pontoon boats can fit between 8-14 people, so you can invite all your closest buddies and family to come to enjoy a luxury lake day with you. You may decide you want to rent a pontoon boat for a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary, or you just want to have a little family get together while everyone’s home for the summer. Whatever your reason is for renting a pontoon boat, you are sure to have made some great memories with your close ones that you’ll talk about and cherish for years to come.

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